To prepare the car you have chosen, you have first to list :
_everything that you need to bring with you
_everything that you want to bring with you
_the tools and accessories which have to stay in the car
Then you have collect the biggest items (like a bike, a stand-up paddle, special equipment, your boyfriend…) so you can visualize how much space you will need.
This is to have the best idea, roughly, of the space you absolutely need for the stuff you don’t want to leave behind you.
For us it was at first our two bikes, our paddle board, the fridge, the mechanic tools that we might need during the trip and our cat (of course).
Start making plans, it is like playing at the famous game Tetris !
You can draw and take measurements of the space you have and where and how you want to organize your belongings BUT start building your setup as soon as you can because you can draw and measure all day long, problems that couldn’t think of will show up right after you start, like small details and possibilities, and you need to figure it out with the pieces in place to solve everything.
Do not worry, every problem has its solution !
Jordan and I couldn’t figure out how to make space for our two bikes and also for the rest of our stuff. So the solution was to leave the bikes at home (heartbreaking but we can easily rent bikes in every country where we might want to ride).
The preparation of the Subaru Forester was a last minute task for us (very stressful). Which might not be the best idea we had.
We started with the back of the trunk, it was the easiest part. Jordan built one drawer big enough to stock all our dry food and also everyday tools (small gear like a compressor, tire deflator…). On top of it he made space for the fridge, BE CAREFUL if you are small this setup can become tricky for you to get your food from the fridge !
Then the problem was how do we lock everything and make sure that it won’t move during the trip.
For the drawer we used this lock, and for the fridge this one.
Next to it we have our kitchen setup ! Very important to cook all kind of nice good meal everywhere you go !
Our very good friend Robert, from Netherlands helped us building this one, we wanted another drawer system where you can take the kitchen out and cook outside but also leave it at the end of the truck if needed.
Then we did the part behind our sits.
I wanted to have my cat close to us, with space for him to feel like at home. So we created a big box for our clothes, with a big platform on top of it, where I can put Hughie’s pillow and also let him in his pet bag if needed.
I wanted a Beauty Space ! This was very important for me, I wanted a small space only for me and my makeup. So next to the box closet we have my Beauty Space and it is also a second platform for Hughie when the car is parked and he wants to move around !
After that we have our paddle, our fishing tool (that my boss gave it to me, Thank you Benjamin !) And some necessary stuff.
This setup is what we made one day in the train on our way home. In our brains the trunk was twice the size of the real one but it was the very good start for us because we were clear about what was absolutely necessary and the compromise we agreed to make.
You have million possibilities, depending on the car, on the travellers in the cars, if you bring pets or not and they are all perfect as long as you feel comfortable with it.

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