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Boo! Ghost Cat Pins with Glitters - Whiskered Wonders Collection

Boo! Ghost Cat Pins with Glitters - Whiskered Wonders Collection

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Boo! - Ghost Cat Pins with hard enamel glitter to decorate a jacket or totebag - Whiskered Wonders Collection

Whiskered Wonders Collection is a dream come true, I wanted to make a set of cats that all have their own universe and so have an Astronaut cat, a Witch cat or even a Ghost cat!

Each design is unique, and there are a total of 20 models that you can collect to complete the series!

All brooches have 2 pins to keep the pins secure and in place. So you can decorate your jackets, totebags or put it as a decoration on your collection board!

It's also the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday or just to treat yourself!

Buy Boo! today, 1 of 20 designs from the Whiskered Wonders collection, before it's sold out!


⭐️ These round brooches are approximately 50mm high.

⭐️ Gold finish

⭐️ These pins are Hard Enamel

⭐️ With two rubber fasteners to ensure your pin stays firmly in place

⭐️ Each pin comes with a handmade support card by me

⭐️ Colors in photos may vary according to lighting conditions!

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