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Cute Polly Pocket Mermaid Sticker

Cute Polly Pocket Mermaid Sticker

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Let's head back to the 90's with retro toys! Like this Cute Polly Pocket Mermaid Sticker
That's it ? the memories are coming back ? You can make the perfect pair with the Cute Tamagotchi Cat Sticker too!

This sticker is perfect for personalizing notebooks, diaries, laptops, phones and much more. The careful design and quality adhesive ensure that the sticker stays in place while retaining its charming shine.

⭐️ This sticker is approximately 60mm high
⭐️ White borders
⭐️ This sticker is Glossy White
⭐️ Each sticker comes with a handmade support card.
⭐️ Colors on photos may vary according to lighting conditions!

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