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Cute Shark A5 Daily Planner

Cute Shark A5 Daily Planner

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Cute shark & Ocean A5 Daily Planner with detachable sheets for ocean and kawaii lovers with 50 sheets for note-taking.

This sharky notepad comes equipped with 50 detachable sheets, allowing you to take notes easily and efficiently, whether it be for jotting down daily tasks or creative ideas with dedicated to do list, notes and "don't forget" areas. The detachable sheets also enable you to take them with you wherever you go.

Whether used for note-taking, to do listing, planning, or writing, this list notepad is a practical and cute choice for all ocean lovers.

⭐️A5 Size : 21cm x 15cm

⭐️ ~50 sheets

⭐️ Each sheet is one side printed

⭐️ Rigid backing card at the end

⭐️ Colors may vary depending on brightness !

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