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Sparkles in the Wild

Lemon Cat Patch

Lemon Cat Patch

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Transform your outfits and accessories with this iron-on embroidered patch featuring a mischievous black and white cat head disguised as a lemon.

Every meticulous detail of this little cat patch has been meticulously embroidered by an embroiderer, creating a work of textile art that captures the grace and vitality of these creatures essential to our ecosystem.

Thanks to its iron-on backing, this patch is incredibly easy to apply. Simply position it on the fabric of your choice, cover with a thin cloth and iron for a few seconds. Voila, you've instantly personalized your favorite garment or accessory with a unique touch of style.

This iron-on embroidered black and white cat head patch disguised as a lemon is the perfect choice. Personalize your denim jackets, backpacks, caps or bags with this patch to express your individuality in an adorable and playful way.

Express your love of cats and originality with this one-of-a-kind patch.
Order today and discover how this iron-on embroidered black and white cat head patch disguised as a lemon can enhance your style with originality.

Patch details:

⭐️These patches are approximately 40mm high

⭐️ These patches are embroidered and iron-on

⭐️ Each patch comes with a handmade support card.

⭐️ The colors in the photos may vary depending on the light!
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