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PokPawket - Handcrafted Polymer Clay Cat Figure

PokPawket - Handcrafted Polymer Clay Cat Figure

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I always wanted to take my cat with me wherever I went and have a friend in my pocket.

So I present to you: PokPawket!

The Pawket but with cute and little poutpout 🐾!
This Handcrafted & Hand Painted Colorful Polymer Clay Cute Cat Figurine is the best friend that decorates your desk or stays in your pocket and with a height of 2cm it can really be everywhere with you!
Perfect for lounging on your desk, coffee table, book shelf, and literally anywhere you need colorful felines.

⭐️Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Pawkets to accompany you everywhere!

(The PokPawket you will receive is selected randomly, however if there is a color palette you want, do not hesitate to write to me that I will guide my choice accordingly: D)

⭐️It is also ultra resistant and covered with a glossy protection to survive all bad weather.

Not suitable for small children!

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